Thursday, February 28, 2013

Hot Water Bottle Cozy

Oo, I've been having fun! And I still have more ideas in my head.
Moving right along in the "let's be really productive" area....
Peek a-boo

Pretty flower! (I got some new die cuts from Michael's thanks to a GC from my inlaws. THANKS!)


This one is fleece. I couldn't pass up the fun print.

And to fulfill my argyle obsession. I LOVE the pocket!

The sweater already had the stringy design. It and the flower are a lovely muted lilac.

And my squealy bear. I have a few more animal ideas for these. AND I found a smaller hot water bottle for the next ones. Adorable.

I think all of these will be going to Dots and Loops


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

New Hand Puppet Friends

I've been busy, making, making.

And creating some new friends.

Experimenting. (it's a bear. can you tell it's a bear?)

And the old kitty standard. (Pattern: Betz White, Warm Fuzzies)

 And  my Goofy Dino friend. Welcome Friends.
Just have to blanket stitch the bottoms and this crew is done!

Have a good one,

Sunday, February 24, 2013


Rafael wanted to make a monster stuffie for some time now. This weekend was the right time.
Here's my interpretation of his pattern.

Here's the only fuzzy fabric I had. This is messy stuff! He was on clean up duty. Every time I cut, he went with the lint brush to clear my cutting mat. But Oh so soft.

And here is his Onsty. A little different than his original on the right. But he loves him. It's a nice shape to hold.

 And here is his new friend Onsty with his other new friend, Monsty. Monsty, the orange one, was made by Curious Little Bird. As you can see, it was also the inspiration for Onsty.
Monsty was bought at Dots and Loops  in Lunenburg, NS. 

 Dots and Loops has some new stock in. And I'm one of them!!! They now have my cashmere lined mittens and finger puppets. I'm working on some new hand puppets and hot water bottle covers this week.
I've just finished my peggies for The Three Little Pigs. I have an idea for the houses, but need to find the right wood first. It will come in a box like the Three Bears in the previous posts.

I'm happy to take all this creativity wanting to get done!

Friday, February 22, 2013


A little hello

Like my scales?

Is this my good side?

Charmed, I'm sure....

2 days ago, we woke up to THIS!

BLAH! Take that snow!
Have a good weekend,

Monday, February 18, 2013

Goldilocks and the Three Bears playset

So I took these guys from yesterday 

Put them in a box.
 Goldilocks woke up to a new part of the forest with polka dotted trees and fluffy pink clouds.

The three bears met by the white picket fence.

A new playscape in a box. (all cutouts are from the old Sizzix die cuts)

Yes, it needs a house. But I think I'll make a tiny one in the back landscape by the trees.

 They're hoping that Goldilocks will make some new porridge.

Today was a snow day here. The peggies and paints were out, so some new families were born.
Rafael's family

 Neve's family. She gave me highlights in the back there.

Here's the whole crew. I think I need to order some new pieces. These are going fast.

Bear Woods! I'm calling soon.


Sunday, February 17, 2013

Making Peg Dolls- Book mini Review

After being a follower of her blog for many years, I was so excited to see that Margaret from We Bloom Here was writing a book. Then I was so excited to see the release date arrive! And all of the bloggy reviews of the book. I ordered it from my local bookstore as fast as I could.

And hardcover! After luxuriously looking at the pictures and the clever way she makes the hats... you gotta go see!
I set about to make these little flowery maids.

 Really, her head gear construction has solved a dilemma I've had for years on making them fit. 

The next group to be brought to life were these bears! Squeal!
Her instructions are so easy to follow. The patterns are true to size. Just a bit of tracing paper and you're ready to create.
I've made this box into something special. Go here.
 Living in a sea side town that is a little (ahem) pirate crazy, I had to add some. A little different from my regular felted ones. (these are not in the book. Something for the next one perhaps?)
 With a whole bag of peggies of different sizes, the kids and I are going to sit down and make away! They are inspired by the book too. As they should be.

 Neve has already started on her Goldilocks and Rafael wants to make these little peas in a pod.

Thanks Margaret for this enchanting, squealable, transportable to lovely worlds book!
She has a proper book review/ blog tour list on her blog and a Facebook page.

Oh, one more squealable thing...
A site selling wooden parts. Right here in Nova Scotia. The peggies are even cheaper than Lee Valley!!!!! See... Squeal.
I haven't ordered from them yet, but the person who suggested it to me (a boat builder) has. You do need a $25 minimum, I think, but with the greatest selection I've ever seen, it wouldn't be hard to do it!
Once I figure out the sizes of things, I'll be putting in my order.

Go look and have fun!

Monday, February 11, 2013

busy busy

 Last week, I spent a sunny afternoon in my studio, just playing around. Made a few of these pins.
 Wondering if I'll sew this bird on before Valentine's Day. Maybe some kind of needle work and beads to go with? hmmm.
Ribbon Headbands. yay.
 A bird bag.

Today, I finished off some cashmere lined mittens. I've been playing around with the hand puppet pattern and am making a dinosaur. Cute. I want to create some other animals too. And hot water bottle covers. And.. and.. and. 
Can't wait to get back in the studio.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

weathering the storm

The waterfront in Shelburne got hit hard by the storm this morning. 
 High tides with high winds and storm surge flooded the street closest to the water. Homes and business were flooded! Devastating to see. The waters had retreated, but there was another high tide this evening. I haven't heard anything about it yet.
 It didn't snow a lot.. but the wind created huge drifts.
 The ponds are covered in.
 The kids enjoyed making tunnels.

 and tromping thru the snow.
 no sledding today. 
 This guy showed up at our driveway before 9 this morning. Nice.
The house is very warm with the blanket of snow.
Hope it's warm and safe where you are.