Saturday, February 9, 2013

weathering the storm

The waterfront in Shelburne got hit hard by the storm this morning. 
 High tides with high winds and storm surge flooded the street closest to the water. Homes and business were flooded! Devastating to see. The waters had retreated, but there was another high tide this evening. I haven't heard anything about it yet.
 It didn't snow a lot.. but the wind created huge drifts.
 The ponds are covered in.
 The kids enjoyed making tunnels.

 and tromping thru the snow.
 no sledding today. 
 This guy showed up at our driveway before 9 this morning. Nice.
The house is very warm with the blanket of snow.
Hope it's warm and safe where you are.

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  1. Was wondering how you were doing after we saw the photos of Shelburne on the news. We are high on a hill so we have lots of wind....a few large drifts...and many spots where the grass is showing!