Friday, November 16, 2012

Felted Snowman face

Just a quick post to let you know I'll be at 137 Water Street tomorrow for  Gifts Galore. 9-1.
 I'll be accompanied by 4 of these fellows.
 Hmm, the one on the end looks a little droopy. Well, at least his nose does. Maybe he has a cold?
See you tomorrow?


  1. i love the droopy nosed-guy!

    Also love the speckled blue wool, its amazing that you have anymore of this stuff left over.

    I have a bunch of cookie cutters with the initials AP on them...look for a package soon.

  2. Hi, new to reading your blog. Do you have an Esty shop? or directions for all these cute things I'm seeing?

  3. HI Coleen,
    thanks for visiting. If I get an inspiration from someone else, I usually give the credit back to them. Also the same for a tutorial I may have used from someone else. If I don't mention a source, it is probably my idea.
    I don't currently have an etsy shop, but am willing to ship if you see something you like.
    cheers, Amanda

  4. Hi Amanda, just checking in... hope you're well; looks like you're having tons of fun!
    Shamie and Tracey
    Silly Goose KidsInc. Toronto On.