Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Hot Water Bottle Covers

Boy, it's cold out there today. Wind chill and everything. Now we get to find all the little air leaks in our windows and doors. Brrrr. I guess the weather has inspired me to make these hot water bottle covers. They've been in my mind since last year. Now I can't stop making them.

 I googled and found All About You. What a great resource. I'm looking forward to coming back to that site and doing a little lookin'.
The stitching is done using the stretch stitch on my  machine. The thread is supposed to have a little shine to it also. I guess it's competing with the fuzziness of the cashmere. How decadent... Cashmere hot water bottle cover. Bring out the chocolates and rum!
 This sweater had the buttons on it already. And a little hole at the bottom. Enter: red heart applique. I still need to hand stitch the button facings shut so they don't gape. 
 This white one was the first I made and took inspiration from the tutorial.
 See the difference between the stretch stitch on the outline and the normal stitch in the middle of the petals?
 And a picture of the back. Note: the white one has the overlap with the bottom on the outside. It pooks open when you hold it, so I changed to have the over lap on the top. Much better.
I think with one of these wrapped around my neck and a hot water bottle on my toes, I'll be good to curl up with a book.
But tonight, I'm going to the library to make pillow cases for children with cancer. More details to follow.
Have a good one,

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