Sunday, January 13, 2013

A Minecraft Birthday Party

My boy turned 9 yesterday! NINE!!!
 A Minecraft Party was requested. The easiest way to create one of those is to look for other people's ideas! So I went here and made this board.
The Sunny By Design had some great things.
Here's my ode to Minecraft Party..

Creeper juice. Those little Chubby drinks. Paper torn off and faces put on.
 Torches= twisted pretzel sticks. I could have dipped the ends in red melted chocolate, but time got away from me. The slime balls were to be green jello squares, but that was left home in my fridge.
The zombie boogies were wasabi peas!
Sorry for blurry photo below. I started making little TNT bundles, then decided not to, putting them in a glass instead.
My favourite part of the party was when I exclaimed," there are still lots of fruits and veggies left. If you don't eat them now, I'm putting them in your loot bags!" There was a big woosh to the table and things were being eaten. :}
THe cake was a brownie instead of cake. I wanted to leave the edges un-iced and figured the brownie would be less crumby. The icing was Fluffy Boiled Frosting. It wasn't sweet at all. We made way too much for this cake, so I made meringue puffs and put them in the oven. Left those home too. 
 Here's a new thing I learned, to make meringue, you beat your egg whites, heat the oven to 350, put them in, turn the oven off and leave until the oven cools down. Easy peasy.
 The signs and grass leaves were from a Sizzix dies. The old ones, the big, honkin', thick ones. You can do it in the cuttlebug using a B plate on the bottom and top of the die. Don't use the A plate a t all.
We rented the local arena to let off some party energy.
 We go to the general skate at least once a week. this boy has come a long way in the past few weeks. He even looks like a skater now!

Dad and his boy.

 Everybody sing...... Happy Birthday to you!
 Loot bag time!
And the loot inside. I don't like giving loot bags with a bunch of little things. So I gave hand made creeper cookies that took 2 days and a trip to the local bakery to ice (Thanks Flying Fox), a CD of Minecraft Parodies. I googled that title on You Tube and gave it to my husband to do his magic. And then some other snacky things.
Birthday party's all over! 
It was a fun one!

Edited May 8: WOW y'all are probably on a reading frenzy for minecraft party ideas.What we wouldn't do for our kids. At this time, I've had close to 10,000 hits on this post. In my world, that's a lot. People have been pinning my creeper juice bottles like crazy. Awesome. But look at my sidebar. Only 13 followers. Makes me feel kinda lonely. Wanna join the party on my blog? Bookmark or follow me to see what else I've been up to. I've made ninja peggies too! You can use those for the next party.


  1. Whoa! You worked hard! Your son is adorable! (don't tell him that I said that)Love those little paper characters too -- I may have to make some for school -- the kids can make a scenario -- and then write about it!

  2. I am so going to remember the "putting veg and fruit in the party bags". Very smooth! The party looks loads of fun. I hope they had fun, after all your work. Phew!

  3. Hi there! Loved all of your ideas. I am definitely using many of them for my 7 and 9 year old's birthday party in March. Just curious what exactly you put in the "creeper Juice" bottles?

  4. hello..
    the creeper juice was already there. It's the little Chubby brand soda pop. I think it was some sort of cream soda flavour. I had a friend who found green plastic cups and did the same face on it. If I had found them, I probably would have done the same and used juice.

  5. Great ideas...looks like he had a blast! About yo have one for my 9 year old. How did you get character on cake? I went to link and seems like you have to enter something? Step by step helps as I'm not as computer savvy as our kids:-) thanks

    1. HI Christine.
      If I remember correctly, you just sign up with no strings attached. My husband probably did it for me as I thought the same thing about signing in. At that point, he took over. give it a try up to where you feel comfortable. There are many things to choose from once you get there.
      best of luck on the party

  6. I remember someone made creeper juice out of sprite, frozen limeaid and a little green food coloring, its really really cute.... I am doing that also