Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Sandwich Wrap

I was given Betz White's book Sewing Green when I turned 40. I remember it well. Not because it was my 40th, but because we were camping on the May 24th weekend. It was actually a nice one. Sitting outside in the sunny spot, I sat in a lawn chair and read every. single. word. and poured over every. single. picture. in that book. Uninterrupted!

I had wanted to make the sandwich wrap, but didn't want to use just cotton. I wanted a laminated cotton. Laminate on the INSIDE of the fabric! Not the outside.

Let's just cut the story short, my quest brought me to Ikea's acrylic coated fabric from a few years ago, but it was on the outside, not inside. NOPE.
Then this past fall, someone told me of an iron on vinyl at the amazing fabric store Avonport Discount Fabrics in the Annapolis Valley. I made sure my next road trip included another reason to "pass by".

 I bought some. Made a little doggie treat pouch for my friend. meh. Decided to try it again on the sandwich wrap. But not on the inside where I wanted it to be. I could not find any information that said it was food grade. Since the sandwich would be directly on the vinyl if it was on the inside, I did it on the outside. 
It's much bigger than I though it would be. It was a bit more labour intensive than I wanted it to be because of the extra step of ironing on the vinyl. I did however, cut out the hemming step by serging the ends. 
We've used it to hold a beef patty and a sandwich. Easy peasy. I may make another one, with that pre laminated fabric from Ikea for my daughter, but there are more things on the list to do.
 I didn't make any new ornaments to sell this year, but at the last minute, made a pile of Sweater hearts for my friends. I think I'll make these to sell next year. I like them. (stamps from Stampin' Up!)
One more Show and Tell....
A Craft FAIL! The picture below is supposed to be a bird in a nest!!! FAIL.
Stop laughing. The kids guessed beaver, weasel, and some other non-sensical things.
This one stayed home.
Rafael's 9th birthday is this Saturday. He has requested a Minecraft Birthday. Music has been chosen, style of cake (to be made on Friday), creeper cookies are cooling as I type, waiting to be decorated, and other elements of minecraft are creeping around here. 
You know I'll show you!


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