Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Chai tea from scratch

A few days ago, I was lamenting that I couldn't find a good chai tea to buy. Just able to find it in bags. Not at all like the time I was introduced to chai on a cold, rainy May night at the Westwood Sailing Club. It was soooo sweet and delicious. 
I was starting to source where to buy the ingredients around here.
Then Pow... my husband found me this!

From Pete's Frootique in Wolfville! I somehow missed this delight on my quick walk thru town last month.
Look at this!!

 Red peppercorns. Cinnamon bark. Whole Cardamom.

 Boiling on the stove. Someone dropped by and commented on how good it smelled.
 See them all

Here are the directions:
 I prepared it as suggested. I was going to show you the picture in a rustic cup with the milk and such, but more company came and we just had to have it without pictures. 
(Another snow day here today. There was one on Friday. Cool. With my 20 years in Toronto, I think there were only 1 or 2 snow days where school was closed. As a teacher at the time, it was a drag, as sometimes, the drive to work was quite dangerous and stressful. We've had 2 in less than a week. Cool)

Now I have to prepare another batch. Oh chore! NOT. 
My chai craving has been satiated.



  1. Good to know where to buy chai! It's my favourite!
    I've taught in Toronto for almost 9 years.... I think I've only had one snow day. I dream about them :)