Saturday, January 26, 2013

Super Sock Monkey

We've had a break from the deep freeze today. My sewing room even warmed up enough to finish this guy's costume off!
But earlier in the week, when thinking of what to make as a bday present, it was much too freezing in there to sit at the sewing machine. But I wanted to keep my 3 year promise to make every bday gift. I've done pretty well, only a few bought ones over the years.
While looking around my studio, I found the socks and the pattern almost simultaneously. 
Voila, sitting and hand sewing by the fire it is!
 This pattern was brought to me from England, in a suitcase, on the airplane. Very thoughtful. thanks a bunch. The pattern comes from here.
I drew it out in pink chalk.

 My socks didn't have a red heel, so I sewed on some red felt for the mouth.
Then made jointed arms by using buttons.
Usually, I wouldn't use buttons in case of young children, but this is for a 7 year old.
 my signature on softies.. butt heart.
 My intention was to make a bow tie, scarf or monkey hat (maybe even a blond haired, blue eyed hat like the monkey hats everyone is wearing), but this super hero costume won out.
Happy Birthday Max! 
Hope you enjoy your new friend. Thanks for giving me a reason to make him. He's been waiting for you.



  1. Hey, I've had sock monkey ingredients here waiting for the right day but no pattern...I did a search based on the web site that appears on your sheet and "sock monkeys" and low and behold it is online. So, today's the day. :)