Thursday, January 3, 2013

A sock and a book

Joining Ginny at Small Things for Yarn Along

Loving that the knitting bug has hit me for the season. I've started the second sock for the sock I started last March and finished some time in the late summer.
The book I'm reading... I love this author, Robert Rotenberg. He's a lawyer in Toronto. The stories, (there are 3, this is the third, one more coming out soon) are set in Toronto and I can picture all the places he mentions. Like a little trip back there. The crime novels are very captivating and an easy read. I highly recommend them.
 Now back to my sock.... I started the first sock from the inside of the yarn ball. The second sock was started from the outside of a new yarn ball. Yep, the stripes are in the opposite direction. This may not be a problem. But it may be a problem for me. Looking down. 
Instead of looking down at both socks, I'll have to start at one and continue up the next one from the toe! LOL
Yes, I do plan on wearing these inside of slippers and boots, so what's the big deal! I'm just so excited that I've done this sock rather quickly compared to the first one. 
The yarn is Loops and Threads Luxury Sock with cashmere blend. To. Die. For. I bought it at Michael's last year. Made my mom come so I could get both balls with a coupon! Thanks mom. No, you can't have my socks.


  1. I never worry about matching my socks.
    I like the colors in that yarn!

  2. I LOVE these socks. I would never had noticed the stripes. In fact, even now that you mentioned it, I have to really LOOK to see that they are different. I'm in the process now of re-knitting the first pair of socks that I ever knit. They sat in my drawer for 2 years -- the tension was too loose, so they were kind of floppy. I've finished one -- they are much better. Socks are my favourite thing to knit. So useful!