Wednesday, June 19, 2013

All in a Week

About a week and a half ago, I was excited about my new clothes line. Stick in the middle a la Newfoundland style.
 And after processing my dad's sudden passing and the joy of family around, I return home a week later to see that life does indeed carry on. 
The grass continues to grow.
 As do the potatoes. The front ones are in the eel grass. The soil spuds are doing better.

 Lily pads and flowers. The Spring peepers are gone! GONE! I can sleep in my own bed now. It's been since April. I couldn't sleep with their high pitched noise. But now, they're gawn. And have been replaced by the GUNG GUNG of the bull frogs. That's not so bad.
 Patches of Queen Anne's Lace
 Wild strawberries. It was one year ago that DH and I hopped on a plane to buy a house here. This house. The yard had wild strawberries in the back yard. I remembered how I would head to the cliffs of McDougal's Beach to pick the wild strawberries whenever I went home to Newfoundland in the summers. They're small, but warm and sweet.
 The hostas took over. I will certainly remember to split them up next year.
 And the first cord of 4 loads of wood arrived in preparation for next fall. Yes, with the unusually cold winter (for here), everyone was running out of wood. 

So now, everyone is piling up to dry out for next season.
I did manage to get a day and a bit of sewing in for the Shelburne Farmer's Market on Saturday.
 Market bags with longer handles as requested by customers.

 And a few little bags for the kiddies. I love this fabric. It's Tidny fabric from Ikea
I thought it would be quilting cotton weight, but it's more like duck and the print is huge. 
So much more than I was expecting. Perfect for the bags.
Tomorrow, I'll be making a rainbow of Monsty's.

And that's how I'm adjusting to being back to "normal". Only, it's not.
One day, one moment at a time.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the market though. ;] It's a nice place to be.
You should come.



  1. I love your clothesline Amanda. Not allowed to even have a drying rack out at my building, but at my trailer I have a clothesline in the rafters of my covered deck. Good place to hang up finger paintings. Grief is a spiral that keeps coming back around. It's very fresh right now, then slowly but surely the spiral will widen. Take all the time you need.

  2. thanks Bonnie. I've not heard of it as a spiral. Nice concept. And nice to have you in my mind's picture amongst all the family at Meridith's and the memorial. hugs

  3. Hello my friend, checking in. So happy that you have such beauty surrounding you and you continue to enjoy it. Thinking of you often.