Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Stella the Owl

I bought a new pattern from Abby at While She Naps.
I've bought quite a few patterns from Abby over the past year and I have to say, 
again, they are fabulous! Here are a couple:

This time, I bought Stella the Owl. It's going to be my go to baby gift. I didn't really have a designated one before, this is it.

A friend was overdue so I sewed one up in non-gendered colours. 
 The day after I finished, she had her baby girl! So I sewed this one up for her instead.
 I love the little bitty owl nesting in mama's wings. I love that the wings are not stuffed. I love that the inside of the wings are the same as the main fabric.
  I've said it all before, but it bears repeating! Abby's pattern writing is very clear and the pictures are a great aid in sewing it all up. I bought her new book Stuffed Animals. I look forward to spending some time learning as I go with her detailed patterns. Each pattern teaches a new design element. When I get to the end of that book, I'll know I can conquer anything in the sewing world of softies!

To go along with the baby gift, I'll be sending these itty bitty baby socks! Aren't they adorable?
They're from Stephanie at The Knitty Gritty Homestead. She had a giveaway some time ago and I won. Her mom made these teeny thangs. About size 0-3 months. I love them so much, I think I need to knit some for my own stash. See, inspiration is everywhere. And so is leftover sock yarn!



  1. I was loving those owls, then saw your link to my space...thank you! Those socks. That yarn is my favourite. I love black on babies! Such beautiful, heartfelt hand made gifts are something every baby deserves. Lucky friend, and lucky baby!

  2. These owls came out so well! I think they are totally adorable and you did a great job with their faces! I hope they get lots of love!