Tuesday, June 25, 2013

busy busy

We've been busy in this last week of school
Our friends had a sailing birthday party for their son. 
 What a great day for it. Sometimes, I still can't believe that I actually live here.
 And in our own back yard, we got a new octagon picnic table. I like how the seats are cut so you don't have to do that leg lifting thing to get in. We love it in there.
 Bought this mini, let's get wet, not really swimming pool for the kids. It should warm up by August.
 The garlic scapes have arrived. I debated tell my DH, 
as I think I can still taste the pesto he made from last years. STRONG
 This is very exciting! The brewery will be open in a few weeks. No firm date yet, I'll keep you posted.
There is much activity over there.
Soon you can open your own 6 pack in your own yard!
 And in sewing news, I've sewn a few of these monstys. Very popular whenever I sell them. Mothers tell me their sons are happy with their new bedtime buddies.

School's out! Well, almost, they have to go back for 1 hour on Friday for report cards. 
But really, we're on vacation! Planning on visiting this place today!
Have a good one,

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