Sunday, June 2, 2013

Summer has arrived

Yellow and purple finches have been feeding together lately. What's behind it? Anyone know?
 Last week, I planted potatoes. Some in eel grass in the bed in the front and some in the ground in rows behind the bed. A little experiment I will show at the end.
I got DH to make a little hut for his beans. He planted beans on the inside and outside. I can't wait until they grow up the line and make a little hideaway for the kids. I'm sure Rafael will be in heaven to just sit in there and eat the beans off the hut.
 We escaped the heat of the town (35+) at Louis Head's beach. What a lovely place and a treat to visit. I didn't test the water, but the kids didn't mind being in it.
I did make something this week! Another market bag for a friend. Didn't she buy a happy fabric! 
 I sewed something else up on Friday.
Another fabulous pattern from Abby. It's the Stella Owl.
I made one in non gendered fabric for a family that was expecting. They've since had the baby, a girl, so now I want to make a pinkalicious one. I'll take pictures tomorrow after I stuff it.

It was a wonderful weekend with Town wide yard sale, AGM for the Farmer's Market which starts June 15, visit to the beach, dinner at the beach, handbell choir at church, watched a play by the townsfolk and another nice dinner. Loving the summer weather. Finally!



  1. Well, apparently you stole our waRm weather! It's only supposed to be 16 here tomorrow! And only highs of 20 for the next few weeks. I was hoping to have lots of stinkin hot weather before I come out :)

  2. You're too busy to enjoy the HOT weather right now. It would only distract you! :}