Sunday, January 6, 2013

most awesomest dessert ever!

K, I'm not going to show you this dessert until the end. Although, you may sneak a peak if you wish.... Did you?
It starts with Homemade ice cream (or a good vanilla-y store bought one)
1 cup of milk
3/4 cup sugar dissolved in above milk
1-2 tablespoons of vanilla. (We made our own-vanilla beans in vodka for 2-3 months.)
2 cups of whipping cream
Put in the ice cream maker for 25 minutes or whatever your maker instructions say. Delish.
 Sliced strawberries. We've been waiting for the January strawberry season in Florida for this to happen. Otherwise, they were very expensive here. 
 Put in a layer of berries and cover with sugar. Add another layer of berries and another coating of sugar. Dont' be shy! It makes a great syrup.
Please excuse future photos. My point and shoot in a new location and in the dark.
Below is balsamic vinegar-the good stuff- freshly ground pepper, the strawberries in the syrup and the ice cream. The ice cream was frozen in a bowl like the one the strawberries were in.
 Here's how it goes together....
Place the ice cream in the middle of the plate, scoop out a well and fill with balsamic vinegar.
Spoon the strawberries and juice around the base of the ice cream mound.
What about the pepper you ask?
The best part. Generously sprinkle the pepper on the ice cream and strawberries. There was not enough pepper on this dish. You could hardly taste it. Seriously, add more pepper. I added more at the table.
 Depending on who you're sharing this with and the amount of sickness the room, you may all dig into the one dish or spoon some out in separate dishes. 
The taste of this is incredible.
The sweetness of the strawberries and syrup is balanced with the pepper. You don't really taste the pepper, just a little bit of heat to counteract the sweetness at the back of your throat.
The balsamic vinegar is like caramel (if you have a good one that you didn't buy at the grocery store for $5.99) More sweetness. 
Oh. So. Good!
A treat to impress and a great conversational party piece.

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