Friday, December 14, 2012

Bird bags and some soap

Yes, I could work on my title a little more.
Here is an order I've had since this summer. This family has a bird theme, so I put them where I could.
 THis delightful fabric is from Ikea. Oh so many years ago. It is only one square of a panel of many birds and berries.
 I think I actually  bought this fabric at the Ikea in Portugal. Yes, we went to Ikea in Portugal. It was a very hot day and there was no river or beach near by. I cut this felt bird with my cuttlebug and a die.
 More vintage Ikea fabric and a larger bird. They are adhered using heat and bond. The bags are lined.
 I've had an epiphany on the soap felting thing! The one in the middle was free handed felting. the yellow ones... My new discovery and will be hence ever more utilized.... Needle felt (in this case, i had some wet felted from a project gone wrong) a square piece, cut out the shape, then needle felt it to the soap. My Gawd, it has changed my soap felting career forever. I think I may even be excited to make more!
So just a few more orders to do and I can concentrate on making some things for my wee ones. I took this morning off to decorate a little more. Still much to do, but I'm in a happy place.
Hope you are too.

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