Wednesday, May 15, 2013

good people round here

It's our first spring here in Shelburne. We arrived in the middle of summer and all the wonders Mother Nature had to give. Then fall and winter. brrr. bare. dull.
It's nice to see all the green return and the added bonus of the blossoms on the trees.
Even though we've been here for 10 months (!) we still have some city clicker in us. It's hard to erase 20 plus years from your system of doing things.
We want to grow our own food and raise chickens.
We have like minded friends and neighbours and even people we meet in the company of others. People with experience. People with local know how.
We've been talking with a guy over the past few months about eel grass. He bestows the virtues of it. We're willing to try it out. 
He showed up yesterday with a truck full of it!
 His third load of the day... for other people.
 How good is that? Neve grabbed the pick and started to work.
 Down the hill, up the hill.
 Dumping it in the bed.
 The bed that exists because another friend got the wood and put it there. 
Help I take readily. Gratefully.
 Kind people who offer and produce. People who offered to grow our chicks until they can go outside in August! They will add them to their own growing flock. Inside. Their house! I'm so thankful for that. This city slicker, who can't sleep with the spring peepers outside the house, will not be able to sleep with growing chickens inside her house. Light sleeper I am.
 I'm truly thankful for the kindness people give, knowledge of what to grow where, when.
And thankful for the help from the littles....
 With the guidance of others, we will grow some food and 
nurture the love and abundance of nature around us.
Here's my Mother's Day present... a peach tree!
It was either that or a pair of rubber boots. The tree was easier to find. I didn't have to try it on.
The eel grass will grow potatoes! A layer of grass, seedlings and then another layer of eel grass. As the potatoes grow, you can lift up the grass, pick some and put it back over. And it also helps cut the cost of filling the bed with soil.

Looking forward to the next couple of weeks of tending the garden and figuring out how to keep the deer out! We've gotten lots of suggestions for that also.

Thanks locals for your welcoming community.


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