Wednesday, May 8, 2013

a gardener I'm not

I'm not much of a gardener. I've never really had much of a garden.
 And I'm certainly not one with much gardening 'vision'
 but I spent the day... outside.
 Planting a bit of rhubarb, forget me nots and wondering if the tulips will survive the deer.

 The garlic is looking good.
  The ground I tilled...
Looking good, until I got a huge rock stuck in the blades. Thus ended the tilling of the day.

 A peek through the apple clearing I imagine as an oasis in the shade in years to come.

 Then, to get into the shade, I hauled a bunch of vines from the undergrowth and started to break them and cut them for burning.

 Damp wood = smokey business. I'm sendin' out smoke signals y'all.

Often looking at this roadside rescued chair. Wishing I could beauty it up or sit in it. 
I'm thinking orange.

DH came home and made some sweet potato chips. A hit to go with the freshly caught and home battered fish.
A good day indeed. And sunburned lips to boot!

Enjoying a bit more sun today before the rain comes for about 4 days.


  1. Forget about the impressive gardens you see in magazines/online...they take too much work! Each year, add a few bulbs and a few perennials (find a neighbour with a great garden and ask if you can have some pieces when they split them in the fall...barter for crafts?)...and enjoy it! Keep it simple. We're going for simple this year and I'm looking forward to it.

    1. great advice Stephanie. I had someone walk around with me. I'm just going to focus on clearing out some areas this year. I know that this much land will take some time. I'm willing to wait. Especially since the mosquitos will be out soon, then it will be too hot. :}
      I'm learning from the local what the deer will stay away from. That's better to know 2nd hand than experience.
      I have had an offer or two of pruned garden cast off. I prefer that over buying a little plant from the garden centre.

  2. my garden started as a "recycled" garden. For three years, I did not spend any money on plants. I asked the neighbours for any extras if they were going to do some dividing. This works especially well because you know the plant has a history on the street, and if it is growing well enough to need dividing, you know it will be happy in your garden.

    Have fun and enjoy yourself. Live with it for a while before you make any big plans.

  3. I can't wait until I can get out there and plant!!! Rhubarb for sure. Lavender (it is supposed to be a natural mosquito repellant) I'll have lettuce and tomatoes too. 6 weeks!!! I am coming in 6 weeks!!!