Friday, May 10, 2013

me? in a magazine?

Hey! I'm in an online magazine.
well, kinda.
through the way of Margaret Bloom from We Bloom Here.

Moomah Magazine did a book review of her book Making Peg Dolls and put in a photo of my pirate and mermaid. (oops, editor, you should have checked your sources!)

Margaret and I had a little back and forth chat about it. And there you go. Now, if only I had some source credit. :}

The local theatre group is doing a play about pirates. I volunteered/was asked if I could come up with a seagull.
 A sitting seagull to be on a shoulder. Yep, no patterns. So I attempted to needle felt.

This is just the basic shape. I've wet felted it and when it dries, I will add details and hopefully, it will fool the audience. Who won't be sitting so far away as I wish. :}

They were calling for rain all weekend, but the sun came out, it's shining hot and lovely.
Have a great weekend.

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