Monday, September 9, 2013

September already?

I know, I know, I'm a little late with the acknowledgement of the whole back to school thing.
We've been busy. yada yada yada. Same ole story.
So here's the obligatory, 2nd day of school picture. We missed the 1st day of school picture. 
It was rainy and gloomy, we were late for the bus.
Grade 4 and Grade 2!!

That was last week. But this week.... this week, is all mine!
No bottling. 
No grocery shopping (hubby did a big shop with the kids in tow yesterday. Yay)
So this week, it's all about sewing, singing and pickling.

Some time ago, I misplaced my finger puppet patterns. 
Today was the day to redo them.
I only had 2 puppets left to measure them.
Thank goodness for this photo keeper of blog land. It was a lot easier to make them with actual photographs. There may be a new one in there too. Can you spot it?
 Somewhere a long the line, I bought this new book on one of my many trips to Halifax this summer.
 I have the first in the series, and I must say, this book is just as fabulous and more!
Such different things to make. I've bookmarked a ton.
This project is the Tuffet.
Yes, a tuffet. Like what Miss Muffet sat upon.
 I decided to make an innard and a liner.
It is filled with bags of sweater scraps from last year's mitten making frenzy.
I was saving all those scraps all year to make such a thing.
 I made the liner out of denim. Sewed it up, but for one side. Couldn't fit the tuffet inside! DUH.
So I opened another side and put velcro on it. You can see it on the bottom left hand side.
 Can I tell you how easy it is to make! 
Just 2 squares. 
But the neatest thing is how it's put together to get those points. 
This is the size it is. I also use it as a foot stool. 
Will be handy in the winter to keep my feet off the cold floor.
 Much honoured that these critters have come back. Saw them again today.
 Thanks for coming back. I should be in a better place for a sewing routine.
 And besides, it's cooler = mitten season!
Expect more soon!

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