Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Profiteroles, cream puffs, really good, whatever you wanna call 'em

Last week, our Shelburne Harbour Yacht Club hosted a fundraiser for the  Sailing Academy

Our kids have been in the summer sailing lessons and Rafael has a keen interest in it. He LOVES it and talks about it constantly. Not so sure his crew is so excited, he dumps at least once a day.  But as his dad says, "if you don't dump, you're not trying hard enough" But I digress.... back to the post at hand....

The fundraiser was the annual lasagna dinner and cake auction. 
I've had this idea in my mind since last year's auction, but being new here, didn't have it together enough to make it. This year... I was ready.
(Just a little sample. As was noted by the auctioneer.. this year's theme was "Cake with a hole in it""

I have a cake pop maker and imagined a pyramid of cake pops... what kind? Couldn't decide. 
Instead, I made cream puffs. Have you made them before? It is sooooo easy!

 This recipe comes from an old Robin Hood Flour recipe book my late mother in law baked from.
1/4 c shortening and 1 c of water heated until shortening melts.
 mix 1/4 tsp salt in 1 c flour and dump into the wet mixture above. 
Stir until you get a paste.
 Remove from the pot and let cool slightly. 
Adding one egg at a time, mix after each egg for up to 4 eggs.
 You will get a bit of a runny consistency.
 On a greased or parchment paper lined cookie sheet, drop the dough onto the sheet.
I made 4 different sizes. I think these ones are from a 1.5 tsp. I made 1 tsp, 1/2 tsp and 1/4 tsp drops.
They temperature setting was 425 for 10 minutes, then 350 for 15, but it was too long.
After a few batches, I just did 375 for about 10-15 minutes.
My oven isn't the greatest. Play around on your own.
When they cooled, I sliced them half way and filled with whipped cream. It was warm out that day, so I put a little icing sugar in the cream before I mixed it. I also added some vanilla extract.

The chocolate glaze is a donut glaze from Alton Brown
So.. I dipped the bottom of the puff into the chocolate glaze and made a sorta pyramid shape. 
Once again, the auctioneer had his own names for things and this was lovingly named
Amanda's Volcano!
Not quite the effect I was going for, but killing it with powdered sugar can make anything look good! 
 It survived the heat and was bought up for $70! 
I was even complimented on how good they were. Phew!
As this is a fundraiser for our wonderful sailing program, people come prepared to spend.
This baby earned a cool $110!

All in good fun.
So friends, next time I'm invited to a pot luck.. expect these!
Now, what to make for next year.... hmmmm.

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