Saturday, August 10, 2013

any craft around here?

Does craft beer count?
 Seriously, this summer is outta control!
We've been so busy with the brewery and filling orders and trying to keep beer on the shelf.
It's a great problem to have and we're looking forward to having it even out a bit. 
To get one tank ahead will be nice. 
Thanks to everyone who've tried it and even more so to those who buy again. 
And again. And pass it on.
 I've not sat down for so long, that I fell asleep during my 1.5 hour visit to the dentist. 
I napped a few times and felt so relaxed. 
I was a little sad when it was over.

But the kids have been having a blast at their camps. That is what is most important to me.
The Ex is in town.
We stayed for a bit of the burn out competition. Crazy stuff. 
But once again, we left before the derby. 
Next year, we're going to time it a bit better.
These guys will be coming to live with us soon.
 Or is it this lot? Whatever, there will be five. And I'm kinda scared. We have to set up the electric fence around the chicken coop and run b/c we have racoons! I don't want the kids to go out first thing in the morning and have to run into a possible "event".
 Today, I called a time out and we went to the beach!
 A time out to not care about every room in my house looking like a bomb hit.
 A time out to watch my kids have fun in the sand.
 And to enjoy how they are growing. 
This one turned 7 today! 
Seven. And what a lovely seven it is.
This is my 1.5 hours of summer this year. 
Me in time out.
hmm, my underside looks a little pale.
 Maybe I can work on that.
 Let's see what adventures tomorrow and week will bring.
The calendar is already getting written up. Boo.

Here's hoping that you recognize when you need a time out too.
Now, I really should go address the kitchen and the supper mess. 
But at least, I didn't cook supper tonight. 


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  1. You've been busy!!
    I'm hoping to get to the beach on Sunday for a few minutes in between paint coats, lol.