Sunday, August 4, 2013

blueberry hill

It's Blueberry season!!!!
 And we live only a 5-10 minute drive to a lovely blueberry farm.
 So you know ya gotta stop in on your way home.
 To fill our boxes 
 And our tummies. 
Like my boots? Glad I had them in the car. They smelled like beer though. 
They be my bottle fillin' boots.
 Speakin' of beer, like my shirt? Newly arrived! Check it out here.
 And for some reason, I got to see this in the evening. Oh yes, I was going to the  movie. Love the jibs, the colourful sail out on the water.
Hoping to get in some more sewing this week. I have 2 days to do it. And I also have a "decorate it yourself? gel pen wallet" that has been in my head for about 2 years to show you.
till than, ciao,


  1. Love the tshirt!! And where do you pick blueberries -- I'm used to doing it on the side of the road :) but I can't find any :(

  2. Hi Amanda,
    we haven't had a chance to try the beer yet. Love the shirts! Where can I get one?