Saturday, September 14, 2013

Finger Puppets have been found!

Oh wait, you didn't know that did you?
I think I put that on my face book page.
Anyhow, they were on the cd player in the children's room! Go figure.
Now I can take some pictures of my new bear finger puppet.

And in even more exciting news..
 A hill of them in fact.
Last night, we took a trip into the city to see Holly Cole
Now that lady is an entertainer and an amazing musician.
What a voice.
But back to the story of sweaters....
A quick trip to 2 Value Villages.
The first bought some passable sweaters, not terribly exciting, but will work in combination with others.
Then the 2nd store... well, the men's section did not disappoint!
This sweater is special. It was shrunken when I bought it, but when I felted it at home, well....
It's mini.
It's so tight, it stands up on it's own.
 This is not mitten material! There is no stretch.
So... I'm asking you for your consideration....
What should I make with it?
Cushion Cover
iPad cover
Christmas Stocking
Other ideas?

I will leave it up to you. Or what ever my whim decides when it's time to cut it up.

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