Monday, September 16, 2013

Autumn and the bear

Ah, what a lovely Monday so far. 
I'm sitting outside, eating an awesome omelette 
with the left over roasted veggies from last nights dinner fried into it. 
 The crickets are chirping, the birds are singing. 
There are 3 female and one male cardinal flitting about the bird feeder.
Yesterday, we started to prepare for autumn.
The winter wood that was dumped at the end of the driveway back in the summer is being moved to the winter resting place. 
 The garlic bed has been tilled for this year's planting.
We've been enjoying just picking what we need for our meal. 
Soon, we will have to harvest all the potatoes and the 1 million green pumpkins that are growing and taking over the garden.

Oo, the woodpecker has taken up the bird feeder. Noisy things aren't they.
The angle of the sun has changed and the shadows are much deeper. 
The sun gives warmth in the lea of the house.
 Yes, autumn is a comin'. Best to embrace it. 
After all, it is my favourite season.

It is also the season to think of new products for my wares.
Here's the first ...
Bear finger puppets. 
Which eyes do you like better? Vs or tents?
Here's my piggie
Love my owl and it's ribbon belly
 And the sad/worried elephant. Is it too emotional?
So, I've finished my omelette, my tea is cold. 
Time to head inside and make more things!
Hope it's a good day where you are.

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