Saturday, July 20, 2013

Founder's Day, Take 2.

Well, it's been one year since we've moved to this lovely town and this new life.
I feel we've fit in well. There is so much to do for us and the kids. 

One of the first tourist drawing gigs in town for the season is Founder's Day Festivities.
This year is the 30th anniversary.

In honour of that, I present to you.. the post I did last year

It's interesting to see how we've become a part of the town and the kids look forward to the new activities they did last year, but now it's old hat. And the people, we know a lot more of them now. I even did the Farmer's Market this morning as a vendor instead of a visitor like last year.

The kids are bugging me to get back down there. Must soak it all in. It's a beauty of a day out there!
Hope you find some happy in your weekend.


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  1. I wish that I could do Founders Day activities, but alas, I'm port Mouton bound now! Scraping, sanding, priming, painting..... Such is my life..... ( p.s. I texted you back, but you never replied)