Friday, July 26, 2013

how have you been?

Well Howdy!
It's been a long time since I've had a day to sew. Still haven't had a full one, but the little bits in the past few days feels good.
Here's some of what all has been going on between entertaining overnight guests 
and travelling to the city.
We have 2 more fawns! They were very skittish. I scared them away. Hope they come back soon. 
My deer fence is great. 
The garden is finally growing and the deer are still finding stuff to eat on our grounds.
 Who thinks my shaggy surfer boy should get a haircut? It looks like this most days after I pick him up from sailing school. When it dries, it has honest to goodness ringlets! I told him that any longer and it would be like a girl! :}
 This week also saw us attending a baptism for 2 of our younger friends.
 A genuine dunk 'em in the lake baptism.
 As the onlookers watched.
 Even the occasional downpour and mist didn't dull this happy atmosphere. Really, how many people get to tell this kind of story?
 Oh, did you come for some crafting? I made a trip to Lunenburg to pick up some new wool felt from 
the Lunenburg Makery. I love me some new, bright coloured felt!
 some new hairclips for the market.
Did you know that I now sell lemonade at the market too?! and iced tea.
 Basket of Monstys.
 And a new one in the works...
 Just a bit more tweaking!
Better get back at it. Have a great weekend.
The focus this here will be the Canadian National Championships, here in our own little town!
Most exciting to host our Ontario friends and maybe a few Quebecers too!

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  1. Love those tooth bags!
    I haven't seen deer yet, but found some droppings on my lawn, so they've been here!
    And yesterday, I found raspberry bushes! I ate a whole bowl of raspberries. nom nom nom.