Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Art of Hand Craft in Le Village Historique Acadien

Yesterday, I played tourist with visiting friends from Ontario. Since the fella has roots in French NB, we visited the Acadian Village about 40 minutes from here in Pubnico, NS

Lovely view.
 One of the first buildings you come to is a house. What struck me about this house is all the hand work. Thusly, this post shall be about the Art of Hand craft in this village.
 Not much to say, it's a heavy photo post with cell phone quality. But such great things to admire.
 Loving the colours in the yo yo quilt.
 Spinning wheel
 Work in progress
 Liking the bed cover on this one.
A few hours put in here...

 There were quite a few braided rugs on the floors.
 This one was by far the largest
 Two smaller ones.
Baby crib quilt

 another great view

 Blacksmith shop
 love the pad on the rocking chair. 
 Look at that hand crank sewing machine. Wonder how frustrating it would be?
Rug hooking

 I believe this couple had 12 children. Or was it 16? It took 21 years. the baby slept in their room. There must have ALWAYS been a baby. The man's 2 sisters lived there to help with the children. It's a 4 room house!!
 Trying to keep all their feet warm must have been a full time job!
 Building a dory. The dory builder from here, Shelburne, is going down next week to help them put this together.

 We got a great demonstration of this fella knitting a herring net.

 Had to throw this in here. It's an anchor called, Killick. They were used in Newfoundland also.
 And I'm loving this fence to protect the chickens. I'm sure the deer would have problem jumping this fence! Maybe I'll trim all the aalder bushes we cut down this year to make one of these.
So that's a little tour of the village. A pleasant afternoon with a cooler breeze than Shelburne and a picnic on the lawns. 
Look it up. It's worth it.



  1. What an amazing house. I could spend time in each room just figuring out how they made everything. Wouldn't it have been great to talk to some of the women that created the rugs and bedspreads? Thank you for taking us on the tour too.

    1. Hi Cheryl. Indeed, it would be nice to have the time and talent to make those treasures to be passed on. Some of the newer things were made by the women working there. They were working on new projects while waiting for tourists.

  2. Love that anchor! And that fence!