Thursday, April 11, 2013

More market bags and around the grounds.

Some colourful friends,

And the Market Bags.
 Oh, looky here....
 More market bags! From my stash of fabric I bought in Portugal a few years ago.
 Love this newsprint paired with the red denim. Yes, red denim! (Tammy, if you're reading here.. you going to the Fabric store on the Danforth soon? nudge, nudge, wink, wink.)
 Inside the bag.  A pocket on both sides and a twill ribbon with a key ring attached.

The weather is starting to warm up. Sometimes. My neighbour is looking after my gardening wishes and brought me some wood to make raised vegetable beds. I think I shall plant potatoes in these.
 He also came with his chain saw. Cut out 2 alder bushes to make room for a floating dock.
 Cleared up the path on the back of the pond. Should I keep this tree? Or cut it now? I can just imagine it getting too big to pass in a decade.
 I don't get to stop on this side of the pond much.
 He cleared a bunch more stuff and I made him and his kids dinner. Fair trade to me!
Now, what to do with all those branches. 
That will be another day.
For now, I'll go outside and enjoy the warmth and the sunshine. 
(sorry friends in Ontario. I hear you're having a Spring storm!)


  1. Do you sell your market bags online?

  2. I don't have an online shop, but I will sell. I accept e-transfers and can get a postage quote before shipping. THe market bags are $25. I'm going to get a quote on shipping tomorrow. cheers

  3. Love your market bags...and the newsprint material! I think you should cut the tree that's in the middle of the'll be glad you did later (it will be a lot harder to remove after it grows some more). Love your pond! And the sticks....if you pile them up, the birds will love to nest in them (we have a row of branches that we call our "living fence")

    1. Great idea for the branches. THinking of where to put them so the deer can get by. We're already going to cut out a few of their paths when we put in the veggie garden. hmmmm.
      And yes, I think I will cut the tree now, rather than later. Feels so weird to cut trees down when I grew up in a place where trees were sacred and scarce.