Monday, April 8, 2013

Introducing..... Monsteys!

Spring came to these parts around 2pm. The sun came out. The warm air blew by. Just awesome. I  already had a walk around the grounds in search of spring growth.
Here's a sighting...
 Whut the wha?

It's Monsty! 
 Of my very own design! I think this one has a Justin Beiber sweep of hair.
This monsty design has elements I've tried on various lovies for the past few years, but they never quite worked. 
When I put them together with the fur, happiness!
I have a few ideas to modify these new friends.
Do you like their fluffy feet?

Happy to be joining Creative Friday and Friday's Nature table Go have a look at these great sites and inspirations!


  1. My son will lose his mind when he sees these!

  2. Thanks. He makes me squeal when I see him. Well, not every time. Out loud. Just a little giggle. Inside.

  3. Heehee these are hilarious! Ans so sweet!