Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Owl lovey

I've talked before about making things from the amazing Abby Glassenberg.
Here is the bear beastie bagduck bagcaterpillar and butterfly and chick and egg reversible toys that I've made before. I even adapted the chick and egg pattern to make this angry bird.
This time, I tried the Lovey Dovey.

 In the softest of fabrics evah. 
Once again, Abby's patterns are very clear, precise and lots of pictures. It was the first time I used a gusset. It's not scary at all. 
I'm keeping my eye out for other soft fabrics to make a different animal next. There are four different animals in this pattern set. Great deal!

We're all a little under the weather here. Not enough to put you in bed to rest, but enough to not want to do anything, just relax, but the guilt factor gets you up to do something. I highly recommend Riccola throat thingys. Cured me a few times today and it's tasty too!

Have a good one,

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