Sunday, April 28, 2013

here and deer

2 more market bags. I'm still not tired of making these.
 Good thing... I still have a few pieces of great fabric in my stash!
 These two lovelies are available for sale at the Whirligig Book shop!
 The weather finally warmed up and it's been so glorious around here!
I've been enjoying these daffodils from my kitchen window, but noticed them from this angle on a walk. Notice the trees at the back from the other side of the house.
 The deer have returned. They must be quite new as there were only three a few days ago.
 The mother had twins last year. 
 Looks like she had twins again this year. There are 5 deer here. 2 new babies, 2 one year olds and the mama. Poor mama!
Did you spot Number 5? Tricky!!!!
The babies don't have the stripe down the back or the spots. Should look up why. Do they get them later? When we arrived last July, they had spots and stripes.
This coming Saturday, May 4, I'll be at the Mother's Day shopping spree at the Fire hall. 1-4
They are fund raising for an AED for Lockeport High School.
Come support this great cause and buy something local! There will be over 30 vendors there!


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