Wednesday, April 24, 2013

WIP and studio peek

On the work table today...
Pink and Blue Monsteys!
 Bear hand Puppets
 Piggy hand puppets. I have a blue one in the line up too.
 Tooth Fairy Bags
 And here is a peek at my almost finished studio
 Look at all that floor space! You can bounce a ball in there!
 Still working on this nook.
 And a view from the office.
A few corners left. YES! Although, the pile under the blue blanket in the right is sweater scraps for puppets. I don't have space to poke that, so it will have to continue to be a mound.
Now maybe I can hold some classes in here! Whadda think local ladies?


  1. Slow but sure, you're getting there.

  2. I covet your big sunny workspace. I'm relegated to the (unfinished) basement laundry room!