Monday, April 22, 2013

for the birdies...II

This evening we took some scraps of wool roving and threads from my off cuts,
 Mixed them together to get the roving nice and fluffy,

Then put them in the suet feeder as a gift to the birds to make their nests.
 The suet feeder that hasn't had suet in it for some time because of a nasty racoon.
 And I only put a little bit of seed in the feeder so it will be all gone in the evening. Mr. Racoon will have to find food somewhere else.
I hope the birds find their gift.
I saw this in passing on some one else's blog. If you know where... please, do tell.
In previous years, we have done this.

Happy Earth Day!


  1. there was this post and this one Your idea was similar, but not exactly the same... My what pretty nests your local birds will have...

    I have 3 nesting boxes in my garden. One is filled with titmice -- I'm expecting the babies to fly off any day now and I'll be a bit sad -- I adore how, when mama arrives with food, they squeak like demented squeaky-toys. The other 2 nest boxes have remained empty this season. I keep looking at them and wondering why...

  2. Yes, I think originally, I got the idea from Magic onions, but the other day, someone actually had it in the suet feeder.
    I don't think the birds took any yet. And now it's raining. boo.