Sunday, October 28, 2012

Last minute Halloween ideas

THe kids didn't have school on Friday, so some new friends of ours hosted an awesome Halloween party. As the parent, we were to bring an activity and some food. Fun stuff.
This idea came to me in a dream. When I awoke, I hoped that I could find some styrofoam balls in this town. I did! 2 sizes. Yeah. And some halloweeny string. I gathered various coloured sharpie markers from around the house and some perler or melty beads. You could use any kind of bead that  your string fits though.
 Draw and eyeball. Don't forget the veins. that's what gives it a Halloween vibe. Someone got real happy with the red marker on the green eye! Late night I guess.
 I pre-drilled holes in the balls, but we still had to use a skewer to  work on it a bit for the the strings to go through easily. I also put some tape on one end to stiffen the string.
Here's the necklace we made at home. Even the boys were into this activity.
 Now for some food. Here was my contribution. Wiener mummies. Just some pre-made crescent roll dough and wieners cut in half. I rolled the dough out, cut it with a pizza cutter into strips and rolled around the wiener.  I put the mustard and ketchup eyes on with a fondue fork! 2 eyes with one swoop.:}
 I love this collection... Crispy maggots ( those highly addictive corn puffs), Brittle bones (pretzels, marshmallows on the ends and white chocolate) and dried bat wings ( blue corn chips)
 Yummy short bread fingers. Not sure what the red stuff it, but very clever.
 The punch bowl has an infestation of spiders, or maybe it was the ice cubes??
 Almost too cute to eat... bat cupcakes.
 very flaky shortbread eyeballs. Delish.
 eewww! Pumpkin vomit.
 Bright red candied apples
 And the table presentation. There were some spider cookies in the back and the cookie sandwiches in the front. Oh, the pumpkin roll with cream cheese centre was also quite tasty. 
It was a great spread. And some great activities. I'll show you those tomorrow.

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  1. Looks as though it was a great Party I shall pinch one or two Ideas for our trick and treat visitors !!Jan