Tuesday, October 9, 2012


We spent the weekend with my parents. My sister and family and my cousin and 2nd cousin all joined for a turkey dinner. And they stayed around until much later, as there was no work to worry about the next day. Unfortunately, I put my head down with Neve for the night and didn't make it back out to join in the fun. :} Wuss.

So here's a little "what is it?" game.

 The bird feeder was empty for a few days.
 Some of the seed decided to grow.
 We headed home early yesterday so that we could attend another turkey dinner. I know, rough eh? I didn't cook either of them!
I was responsible for the kid's dessert. I failed.  
Going through my list of ingredients in the car, I decided to make some cake pops with my baby cakes maker.
As you can see, they fell flat. More like a space ship, flying saucer.
 Rather than make another 2 dozen of flat cake pops, I decided to make a mother cake pop. I divided the remaining mix into two bowls and baked them. I whipped up some cream to put in the middle and drizzled the top with home made icing ( not all the icing sugar went in, thus it was runnier. Just as I wanted it to be. Recipe is European Chocolate icing from the joy of cooking)
 With a text to remind me that dinner would be served shortly, I threw some raspberries on top and went out the door with a reply text of... I'm bringing a dessert fail.
It received a clap as it came in the door. No one cared. We dubbed it the saucers coming home to the mother ship. :} All it takes is a little imagination.
Have a good one,

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