Monday, October 22, 2012

Fort Kit

SO..... last night, I was going through Neve's back pack and found an invitation for a birthday party. For TODAY!! For a BOY!!! NOw what's a mama to make for that in a flash?
It just so happened that I picked up a few sheets and a back pack on Friday with this very thing in mind. To have on hand, you know, in case I got a last minute party gift to make.
The tutorial comes from  Meg and Andy. It's an awesome gift.
 I made a little notebook. Stamped some canvas and sewed it on the front. I also drilled a hole at the top of a twig pencil I had in my stash and sewed it in the middle seam of the book.
 I sewed my tag on the sheet. :} Then, instead of sewing ties to the corners, I sewed elastic. I thought I was being really clever to sew the elastic on. I thought you could slip a chair or table leg through it.
Then I thought some more and realized that a 6 year old probably can't lift a table. I now think that ties would be better. Next time.
 Next time, I will also make some wrist bands and make a felt or fleece mask.  This flashlight is LED and really good, sturdy.
 I think it's important to have good clips. These seem to be. I got them all for $3.00. The rope was also a bit of a splurge.
 Here is the whole kit. I went out and got another bag today. More like a Diego bag than a nap sack. You know, to have ready for the next ambush party invite! 
 In other Pedro news, We got a new wood stove. I'm sitting in front of it as I type. It's in the dining room. I've lost seating for 14, but I figure, if there are that many people, we can have a kid's table in the kitchen. It is so toasty. Just waiting for our wood delivery this week.
 And in the back yard, at the end of the driveway, Henry is building a shed. Now we can put the bikes, shovels, and other such things in there to clear out the workshop a bit more.
Have a good one!


  1. Love this idea. I've Pinned it. We have a birthday party coming up. I know this would suit him down to the ground. Thanks for sharing. (I've missed invites too)

  2. wow! you're an awesome momma! i love your "campy"/outdoorsy feel and i think the elastic is great.. thanks so much for sharing your link! :)