Monday, October 29, 2012

fun Halloween party activities

One of my favourite activities at the Halloween party was the donut line.
Each kid picked a donut, put hands behind their back and then tried to eat the donut. That was hanging from a string. Moving. Swaying. No hands.
Various stances.
 One tactic was to find the perfectly suited height for maximum munching.
 Another was the shoulder holder.
 Take a break and have a lick.
 Borrow a hand from a friend.
 When the donut you want is too tall, just put the dang thang down.
 There was the necklace making activity.
 Tired eyeballs.
Bobbing for apples
 Getting the apple
An old fashioned leaf piling and jumping. 
There was also a pin the face to the pumpkin activity (a.k.a. make a jack o lantern) using paper cutouts and a real pumpkin.
And the every popular woods and river. The kids crossed the river and started to pile old branches to make a pseudo bridge. I wish they would come over to my place and clean up my woods. :}
It was a lovely party, lovely day and lovely people.

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