Monday, October 1, 2012


What a lovely morning. Isn't it great for your disposition when the sun shines after 3 days of rain!?
I worked on these last week and will make more. Pins. 

 Sweater pins.
 Pins made from sweater bits.
 And some crayon wallets with the most perfect fabric. I was also excited when I found the rainbow strapping in my stash. Yeah, I love me a good stash.
 I made up some finger puppets. While waiting for DH to make me a puppet stand, I used this wooden box. I tacked some twill on the top of the lid and the inside of the bottom to keep it from opening up all the way. Can you see it on the left?
 This is what it may have looked like at the market on Saturday. I didn't go. I wussed out. It was pouring out of the heavens. (soggy toys?) I was tired. My mommy was here.  So we stayed home and bought stuff at the market when the rain slowed down.  I really love the atmosphere at the market.
 This poor cardinal visited often during the rain. Guess he was hungry. I've seen 2 females and a male together. Think there's another male?
 This morning, we were greeted by the deer family again. They've walked by the back deck a few times now to get to the apple tree out front.
 I actually witnessed them eating the rose blossoms off of this trellis. Now I know why the thing wasn't bloomin'!
 Quick stop for breakfast.
 And this butterfly decided to stop for a munch too. Look on the hummingbird feeder.
That's it for me. Off to sew some puppets.
Have a good one,

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  1. Hello Amanda, congratulations on your new site. It's looking great! I hope you've settled in nicely in your new place and finding your way around your new town. It all looks very lively from your pictures!
    All the best,