Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Whirligig Festival

A few weeks ago, the town hosted an 13th annual Whirligig Festival.

 It was a great weekend. Windy. Sometimes a bit too windy for more delicate structures. But to show them off, you do need some wind. :}
 I'm sorry, this one has no central focus. But I'm adding it anyway. They were difficult to take picture of. You know, how the wind blows. And it spins the whirligig around. Away from you.
 This large one hosted a bunch of musicians.
 Large crowds.
 I took delight in this one. Look at the man under the tub. When the wind blew, the woman's arms would dunk the kids into the bathtub. Cute.
 FOr all the pirates roaming the streets here.
 This display had a flock of birds trying to take flight. Lots of movement here.
 There were boat races of the motor variety on the same day. And that evening, the kids an I attended a ukelele concert hosted by Manitoba Hal. They really enjoyed the concert. Rafael was particularly entranced because he learning to play ukelele and guitar. 
I should say, he's learning all the chords and changing them, but as of yet, only can sing 2 songs. He just won't learn a song to go with all the chords. Did my singing to him when he was a baby not stick in recognizing campfire/ folk songs? He doesn't know them! Wha? We're working on it. 

Have a good one,

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