Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Nature's treasures

This photo shows you the mess a boy can make when he felts! :} Not bad really. We put it away to make room for company, but my order of new foam, needles and a few more bags of roving came today from Gemini Fibres. ( i would put the link here, but their site has been compromised and warnings of mal    ware   pop up. They are aware of it and it didn't bother my mac. up to you). They have great service.

We're starting a little collection of nature's treasures on the window sill. When you feed the birds, they leave you gifts. Neve brought home the sand dollars and teeny tiny starfish from camp a few weeks ago. Since then, we've brought home a teeny tiny clam shell and a teeny crab shell.
 I was quite excited to see this guy at the feeder. 
 Looks like a cardinal yes? But with no tuft. What's with that? I've seen him many times since, but was convinced that it wasn't a cardinal. When lo and behold, it stuck up his tuft and put it back down. I've never heard of it before, but he did it. My friend saw it. Is this true?
 Knowing that school was starting soon, we went to the beach. Hopefully, not the last time. Behind us is a river that flows warm water into the ocean. Nice.
Just look at those clouds. It felt like we were in a globe.
 Henry was playing with the macro lens. Sand dune grass.
 And some yellow flowers. The sand was so nice and warm on the feet, even though the wind did have a bit of a chill to it. 
Well, the kids are in school now. I sang classical music for 2 hours today! As much as I was nervous about going back to my vocal student years, it wasn't so bad. Those songs put me back 20 years in time. I definitely don't want to relive my 20s, but it felt free to sing my heart out!

I have some sewing to do this week. I'll report back, for sure! 

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