Wednesday, September 12, 2012

a bag

I didn't think I had anything to show you, but lo and behold, the camera says otherwise.
This is a bag I made for a young friend in town. She picked out the fabric and we discussed the size/style.

 She wanted a bag for her projects. You know you can never have too many bags or too many projects. 
I used my double needle for the stitching on the edge and middle of the bag. Here's a little trick... Instead of sewing 2 pieces of fabric together for the front and back of the bag, I took one piece each, folded it in half, outsides facing and sewed a seam in it. Opened it up, ironed it and used the double needle for the stitching.
 We decided to give the bag an extra inside flap that could expand the bag.
 With a draw string. Because we don't want to limit the size of our project due to the size of our bag.
 WHile I was taking photos, I noticed that I hadn't really looked at our yard from this angle. It is at the front of the house, looking to the side. We live from the side of the house with all the windows and decks, so it was nice to see it from this angle. I can't wait to get some flower colour in next year.
 In talking about colour, this tree has been red since the middle of August. I think that in a few weeks, it will not be alone anymore. the nights are cool now and the sun has changed it's angle in the sky. 
I've been sewing up a storm. Mittens and coffee cup cozies. Tomorrow, felted soap. Friday, little coin pouches. Why?


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