Wednesday, June 25, 2014

This week in a small seaside village

My first issue of Mollie Makes arrived!!!
oops, this one, I actually bought at Wally World. 
When I came home, Neve came out of the post office with a ... you guessed it...
a Mollie Makes Magazine. I was a little disappointed, I just bought one, but then,
the one that was mailed is for August!!, this one is July. Yay.
Anyhow, I had to make this girl.
 After all, she is the cover girl.
She has tattoos and everything. 
Next time, she'll have a headscarf instead of a turban.
 Fun enough to make another.
Looking forward to this coming out in full bloom. I purposely didn't prune it last fall.
It should be a beauty, orange honeysuckle.
 The ladies have been enjoying dust baths. Surprisingly, they don't touch the veggies in the garden.
They just scratch for bugs.
 The date on the camera for this reads June 9.
Love this little town. 
 On a trip to Islands Park, Rafael and his friend decided to decorate this rock. 
Nice job boys.
 Neve decided to be a drummer for the Re-enactors this summer.
 We're working on her costume. Have to dull it up a bit. 
I don't think they would have had such white clothes. :}
I've been going to Frenchy's all week. 
Guess it was a bad one for finding period costumes.

That's the kind of week it's been here.
School is out!
We're going camping for the weekend in the Annapolis Valley. Yay.
Going to take the kiddies to my Alma Mater, Acadia University.

I'm ready for a rest and adventure.

Have a good one,

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