Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Meet Laila

You've heard me lament before about not being able to buy birthday presents in this town. 
Good thing I'm a mama who makes things!!

Here's my latest furry friend, Laila (Lay-La)

 She was fun to make and has legs. Her future siblings will have arms instead.
I also liked using the safety eyes. 
(for you local folks, I got these at Atlantic Fabric in Bridgewater)
 Of course, as soon as it was spotted upon returning home from school, there were cries and pleas to make more! Even a request to make a male version. Which, I think, I have in my mind.
 And lastly, one of my favourite photos of the moment.
Here chickie, chickie.
Its a beauty day out there. 
I think I'll go make some friends in my studio.


  1. Love your creations, love your pictures (Nev is growing so fast) and love all of you! Treena

  2. Laila is so cute. Seeing her with Neve helps show the size of her. Another sweet creation.