Monday, June 9, 2014

Woodland Finger Puppets

Introducing my latest friends in the finger puppet world
(my zoo finger puppet friends can be found here)

Woodland creatures.

You know it had to happen.

Here's hedgie..
 Madame Racoon
 Friendly Fox
 Barney Beaver
 and Madge the Moose

I developed a few new things with these puppets. Instead of sewing ears in between the front and back layers (except the moose), I cut the ears out of the back piece only.
Another theme is the heart shaped face for some of them. 
And then... punching the eyes out of the felt to show the under layer in the hedgehog and the racoon, instead of sewing eyes in.

They were fun to make. 
They will be coming to the market with me on Saturday. Come say hello!


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