Monday, November 25, 2013

chickens in the snow.... or not.

We had our first snowfall yesterday. 
A surprise to all, we were expecting rain with nary a cloud in the sky at bedtime.
Since the chickens were hatched in June, this is their first snowfall too!
 They were not impressed.
They didn't venture into the run all day until the snow on the edges melted.
 There was a bit of hanging out in here.
I was pleasantly surprised with an extra egg yesterday! 
And a speckled one at that. 
 Novice chicken farmer lesson #1...
Don't put the eggs in your pocket.
The new shell was soft. The other egg layer has nice thick shells now.

Fresh eggs are great. When you put them in the pan, they make a little hill. The whites don't run. 
The yolks are nice and orange.
This picture is going out to you Jen, my Toronto neighbour. Are we back on yet?  HAR HAR
(sorry, inside joke over dark and stormys. or is the stormies? Who cares after 2?)
 I couldn't resist this basket today. 
40% off the red tag sale price.
Doesn't matter that it is a candle holder, I'll use the glass part for something else.
 Right now, it's the perfect holder for my eggs.
Do you see three in there?
Yep, one warm one this morning and 2 more before lunch! 
I can't see a chicken laying more than 1 egg a day... 
so the math says... 
3 egg layers! 
It will soon be time to have breakfast for supper.
And my rooster hook has a purpose too.
thanks Braggie.

Have a good one,

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