Sunday, November 24, 2013

craft show bonanza!

umm, hello.... 
is anybody out there?
When the blog is quiet, life is not.
Last week, i got to return to my old neighbourhood in Toronto.
What a great whirlwind visit, despite a raging cold I got whilst there.
So glad to see everyone and to do all that was on my list.
Thanks to all.

So this week, I did two craft shows with my co-hort.. Barb.
The table on the left holds my woolen bits
 On the right, from the Glass Gallery 138
 My sweater shopping in Toronto did not disappoint.
 But can I just ask, "where are all the stripped sweaters?" 
Guess they weren't trendy last year. People haven't shrunk them yet.:}
This basket of mittens is only the outers. I still had linings to make at this point. It was Friday. A day where the kids had no school and 2 craft fairs on the weekend kind of day. STRESS.
Don't they look purdy? But now, they're all gone! Save for about 3 pairs uncompleted.
Thanks to those who bought. Enjoy. I enjoy seeing my mittens about town on other people's hands. :}
hmm, let's see. in the glass world...
Was inspired by some new white glass and happy coloured glass.
the cut glass, she go in...
 And then she come out....
all nice and smooth.
Notice the little blobby bits in the corners. Now scroll back up and see how they started out.

you're back.
Isn't that the coolest thing! 
 Glass cut into pieces willy nilly with tile cutters come out as cute blobs.
I used previous blobs as the centres of the square tiles.

Well, that's seems like enough tales today.
Stay tuned tomorrow...
A full review of the chicken's first experience with SNOW!
Oh, and it seems we now have 2 egg layers. :}

Have a good one.

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  1. Oh, how I wish that I was there!
    But I'm off to the One of a Kind Show today. Wish you were THERE. :)