Sunday, November 3, 2013

Proud mama

This is my girl just over a year ago.
It was around this time that she decided to grow her hair so that she could donate it to Locks of Love.
I don't know where she heard of it or what made her think of doing it herself, but she did. 
All on her own.
This was my girl last Friday.
She did it!
Locks of Love calls for 10 inches. It was a bit of a great decision to make. To cut it for 10 inches would mean it would be to her chin. Too short for our comfort. 
And we couldn't let it grow another two inches.
 It was getting dreadfully difficult to manage. 
I had read that they accept 8 inches and sell it to other companies as revenue. Which they need.
Hey, that sounded like a good deed to us. So we went for the 8 inches.
It looks longer in the picture above, but as we thought with her previously curly hair, it shrunk up a bit and rests on her shoulders now.

Along the journey of hair growing, her babysitter decided that she would join the road to good deeds too. They booked the appointment together and supported each other for this big event.
The sitter donated 11 inches! 
So proud of both of them and love that they did it together.
Warms the heart.
Thanks for that.

And now, I must show you the obligatory Halloween pictures for my record keeping..
Dorothy (the day before the big haircut)
and Cool Dude.
 Best part.. I didn't have to make anything.
 And they didn't mind about that.
Yes, the weather was mild enough to go out like this for the evening. 
In fact, I think it actually warmed up.
 We met up with friends and had a magical evening. (after this mama badly transitioned from a quiet house to the running around of excited children. A little stressed out. But came round soon enough)

To quote Rafael,
"That was the best Halloween I ever had in my whole life!"

Hope yours was swell.

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  1. what an inspiration your daughter is Amanda!! Good for her!