Sunday, October 20, 2013

the tale of the dragon

Once, there was a green dragon guarding his cave.
 The Red Knight stared wide eyed at the dragon

 And fainted.
 "Hey", said the dragon... 
"wanna see my new teeter totter?"
 The 2 knights thought that was pretty cool.
 Then the dragon invited them into the cave for some yummy snacks.

Knight and dragon patterns available from Margaret's awesome book

that was fun to do in the midst of mitten making. 
Another hand made gift done!



  1. Oh, my word! That was hilarious!

  2. Your pix are so much better than mine! I took some photos while he was playing with his wonderful set after dinner, and mine are humdrum, yours are gorgeous. Just like the toys. THANK YOU!!

  3. I LOVE these. I really need to make some. I have hundreds of wooden peg dolls (blank). I need to stop hoarding them, lol.