Thursday, October 10, 2013

chicken run

Well hello...
 how goes?
It's been a very busy week.
2 days at the brewery, creating at the Glass gallery, 
drive to Liverpool for the kid to see the Doctor 
and I start teaching my Family Music Time classes tomorrow.
Between the bottling and glass cutting, my fingers are wrecked.
I want a nap. 

We got this ready though... Finally

 No, it's not a dog run, it's for the chickens. 
Only 5 of them. 
It's a palace really, with lots of leg room for the Mister, 
in case he's sent to the proverbial dog house. :}
Hoping to sew even a little tiny bit for the last Market of the season. I practically sold out of my children's stock and not many mittens left. It will be a sparse table for sure.
I'll be selling my felted woolen goodies at the Gallery 138 and the Whirligig Bookshop and will be at a few upcoming Holiday Markets 
(oops, that would be Christmas Markets. You're allowed to to say Christmas around here.)
I'll be hosting 28 people here on Saturday for a little gobble gobble celebration. 
Potluck. I love a good potluck. Wonder what will show up?

Have a good one,

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