Monday, October 14, 2013

here chicky chicky chicky

What a glorious weekend!
So much to write about.
the last Farmer's Market of the season, but don't worry, I'll be at many more
Christmas shows around town. I'll post more about that later.
We had 29 people here for Thanksgiving Dinner. 
And you know what... everyone stays in the kitchen! 
A grand time had by all.
And then we went overnight to a friend's rental cottage on the beach.
Pics on that later, it's in my husband's phone.
And today... today, we got our chicky hoo hoos!

 The children have been beyond excited all weekend. 
I mean, we did promise it to them in the very same breath that we told them 
we were moving a year and a half ago! 
That's a long time to wait.
Much adventure trying to get the 5 chickens out of their home 
 And into the boxes.
 We think they like it. 
We hope they like it.
One started to burrow out a little nesting area. They haven't started laying eggs yet, 
so we're excited about her little action.
 With the end of the gardening season, we have lots of yummy stuff to feed them.
First were the apples just from the tree their coop is under.
The kids are constantly checking on them and talking about the schedule of care. 
We just hope that they keep up this interest during the snowy winter months!
Stay tuned for the future adventures of
Chicky Chicky hoo hoo hoo!

Happy Gobble Gobble. 

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